Kuumba Made

In Swahili, Kuumba means a special type of creativity, “to make things more beautiful to benefit the community.”
Kuumba Made was founded in 1980 by Denise “Kuumba” Piazza, a spirited, loving herbalist. She started the company with her handmade coconut oil infused with rose petals, calendula, and lavender flowers from her garden and a small collection of precious natural fragrance oils. Over four decades, with tireless dedication and pure intention, the company grew into a nationally recognized brand.

Today Kuumba Made is a small, innovative, and progressive company located amidst the beautiful Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona. Kuumba and their team of trained herbalists are passionate about researching and formulating handcrafted synergistic formulas to support the wellbeing and joy of all customers.

With time-honored wisdom and the intention to heal, they carefully source the purest ingredients to create gentle, effective products that soothe the mind and body and delight the senses. Our signature botanical infusions are made by hand in small batches with the finest organic and wildcrafted flowers, plants, and resins. This thorough, artful process best delivers the full benefits and vibrant scents of our most cherished herbal allies.
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