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Sun’s Eye is a metaphysical perfumery that uses scent to create atmosphere through intention. Our oils and sprays are more than just beautiful and enticing aromas; our blends are based on time-honored traditions that consider the energetic signature of the elements used to create the formula, such as the herbs, flowers, or stones. When using Sun’s Eye products, you not only invoke the energy related to the formula, but you also are subconsciously reminded of your intention and because the fragrances are so pleasing, the intention correlates with the enjoyment of the scent.

Our History; Our Philosophy

Sun’s Eye is more than a business; it is a family, born of the passion and talent of Madeline and her husband, Robert. Both notable artists in their own rights, Madeline and Robert created a company based on what they knew and loved. Aesthetics, integrity of product and service, as well as the energy behind it all are what Sun’s Eye thrives on. Early on, Madeline’s mother gave her the advice to treat each customer as if a guest in her home. That philosophy still rings true in how we relate to our customers and what we offer.

Over the years, a small and select group of people has worked alongside Madeline and Robert, talking with customers, bottling magic and making sure that the Sun’s Eye intention is carried out in all that we do. Notably, the “daughter of Sun’s Eye” is Ashley. She has worked alongside Madeline and Robert since Sun’s Eye was in its early years. She has poured her heart and soul into helping make the company what it is today. Together, Ashley and her husband Paul, the artisan behind the scenes, keep the family aspect of Sun’s Eye going!

Sun’s Eye was created in 1992, drawing from knowledge of plants, an appreciation for fine things, metaphysical lifestyles, passion for the artistic, and desire to offer high-quality products at an affordable price. We continue to strive to bring new scents and products that carry these aspects. We are environmentally cautious, artistically minded and truly care about what we offer our customers, as it is an extension of how we live our lives!

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