Om Incense Burner - Recycled Aluminum - Incense Sticks-Cones - 4.5 Inches

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A beautiful and simple addition to your rituals of incense. This incense holder is made with an embossed intricate Om pattern of 100 percent recycled aluminum. This is a handmade Recycled Aluminum incense burner featuring a floral design circling the om symbol of Buddhism. Your favorite magical fragrance will fill the room with the help our artistic Incense Burner. In your house , office or spa, add a touch of elegance  with our Ash Catcher, make your surroundings vibrant. Om ',' Ohm 'or' Aum 'is a holy sound commonly regarded as the sound of the universe. In the symbol, the waking state is defined by the lower curve, the middle curve is the dream state, and the state of deep sleep is defined by the upper curve.

  • Sustainably made from recycled aluminum.
  • Use for regular Incense Sticks as well as Cone Incense.
  • A beautiful and simple addition to your rituals of incense, sure to add a touch of elegance.
  • Intricately detailed 4.5 inches diameter heavy aluminum with 5 slots for incense stick.
  • 2" OM symbol in the middle and is also decorate with floral spiral patterns covering its silver-tone base.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review