Pitta Fire (Red) Cones - Triloka Ayurvedic Meditation Incense

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Size:Single Pack This incense is prepared following the genuine, traditional

blending of incense. This completely herbal mixture contains more than eighty

pure, aromatic Ayurvedic herbs. The mild aroma of this incense is perfect for

spreading peace and aroma in meditation and healing ceremonies. Triloka

Ayurvedic incense is hand blended and hand rolled. The base is a sandalwood

powder combined with traditional mixtures of herbs, gums, resins, etc. The

herbs used are from a traditional Ayurvedic recipe. Herbs and resins with

various qualities are blended in their natural form. No oils are used, only

frankincense and gum type resins. All this is ground together along with the

sandalwood powder to create a masala or mixture of herbs. Traditionally, these

herbs, or masala, were burned on coals. They have rolled these herbs into

cones to make them easier to use. The nature of the substance used in the

Ayurvedic incense requires that it be thicker, therefore these cones have a

longer burning time than most. Triloka highly recommends the Ayurvedic incense

for meditation and other types of relaxing or healing activities. They can

also be used to create smoke for clearing crystals and other objects. These

types of herbs would traditionally be burned in public places or in temples to

insure the attraction of good spirits or to alleviate any negative entities in

the atmosphere. Triloka Ayurvedic Meditation incense is based on the Ayurvedic

Tri-Dosha system of balance. Triloka Ayurvedic Meditation incense is intended

to be dosha-enhnacing. Use Vatta to increase the Air dosha, for example.
  • Description: PITTA - RED (FIRE) CONES, Quantity: 1, Size: 20 GR, Brand: WINDROSE TRADING CO., IN


(No reviews yet) Write a Review