Blue Nile Natural Incense Sticks - 85-100 Stick Bulk Pack - Hand Dipped, 60 Minute Burn, 11 Inches Long

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Natural Incense Sticks by Incense Garden

Each of our incense packs contains approximately 85-100 sticks. Hand dipped and soaked using only the finest essential oils for a minimum of 48 hours. Each stick measures approximately 11 inches in length and burns for approximately 60 minutes. Each bulk bundle comes safely packaged within its own resealable pack for easy storage.

How to Burn Incense

Using your preferred matches or lighter light the end of the incense stick and let burn for about 2 seconds before blowing the flame. At this point there should be a warm glow coming from the end of the incense stick while releasing the inner fragrance. We recommend using one of our stylish wooden incense burners which will help keep the ash contained and easy to clean while making a great addition to your home decor.

  • 85-100 Hand Made Natural Incense Sticks Per Bulk Pack.
  • Hand Dipped Using Only the Finest Essential Oils for a Minimum of 48 Hours.
  • Each Bulk Pack Comes Safely Packaged Within Its Own Resealable Bag for Easy Storage When Not In Use.
  • Made in the USA Using Oils from Around the World.
  • Each Stick Measures Approximately 11 inches in Length and Burns for 60 Minutes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review