Soapstone Smudge Bowl for Scrying 5"x 2" Incense Burner, Wiccan Rituals, Divination

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Soapstone is a calm and peaceful stone. It's said to help release old behaviors and bad habits-helping you navigate a more motivated and happier path.

It's thought to be the ideal stone to have around you in the midst of transition, helping to smooth the way to maintain a sense of calm.

Soapstone, also known as Steatite, is an ultramafic stone formed by massive quantities of heat and pressure.

It naturally occurs all over the world and is available in pockets along the Appalachian Mountain chain.

A soapstone bowl is possibly the best smudging alternative. Soapstone is a common countertop material as it is built to take a beat and is heat resistant.

The soapstone bowl is an integral part of any altar. Ours is intricately crafted with exquisite engravings, a beautiful gift to the beloved practitioner in your life.

  • Soap Stone is a natural product as such each bowl is unique in color and pattern. Great for home cleansing, wedding gifts, or housewarming gifts.
  • Smudge Bowl w/ Rose and Leafy Design (5" diameter, 2" deep). Perfect part of your white sage smudging kit.
  • Scrying bowl for Wicca rituals as well as an invaluable addition to any altar table.
  • Incense Burner that works well with resin or cones. Add sand for a protective layer and additional beauty.
  • Stone soap dish thats lends itself to many uses, including an offering dish and a beautiful trinket organizer.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review